What Our Clients Are Saying

First of all… Ethel… you and your team ONCE AGAIN executed everything seamlessly, without hesitation and our guests throughout the entire campus were treated to a #1 Bowl experience. Thank you for your attention to ALL of the details. Miquelle and I were able to actually enjoy to the fullest that day. It was so wonderful to be able to see the "pre game" activities for the first time in five years!!!!

775 FOLKS… WOW, that's a lot of people to entertain and you guys did it masterfully.

Thank you again, you are all such professionals and a first class group to work FOR!!!! Happy New Year to one and all on your team.

Rene' Knox
Armed Forces Bowl

I have never heard so many good comments on a party as I did this past weekend. 
Of Course we owe it all to you. Thanks a million for always being a joy to work with---- XXOO, el 

Emmy Lou Prescott
National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame
Fort Worth, Texas

I would like to personally thank the Promoter Line staff for a job well done. Jerry, your staff worked very hard and did not stop despite the rain until the job was done. Both the start and the overnight were set up correctly and ready for us. It was quite the undertaking to move the scaffolding down the street to Prince Solms Park in the dark with it pouring rain. Most companies would have said we can’t do this, but with the police escort your men moved forward. The only light we had was the police car’s spot light and our truck’s headlights. I can’t say enough about the warehouse…your staff loaded and unloaded the supplies and left everything clean, neat and organized. I definitely felt your staff was there to please us and to help in any way they could to make things run smoother. It was quite obvious it was not their first bike ride.

Janet Croce, Development Director
National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Valero Bike MS 2009 Alamo Ride to the River

We've been privileged to work with Jerry Thompson and the Promoter Line staff. It has been our experience that when Promoter Line is heading up an event, there is nothing left to chance. The staff at Promoter Line are true professionals who are committed to excellence in every area from scheduling to sound quality. As performers, we've found that working with Promoter Line is like working with a well-oiled machine- everyone knows what to do, when to do it and how to deliver a first-class event.

Jacob Simmons
For Every Day

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work and help making Saturday a very special day for all. You rock.

Jeffrey Osbourne
Tour Manager - The B-52's

It was great working with you again this weekend. We are always impressed at how well your group handles the millions of issues thrown at them within a 72 hour period. Look forward to working with you next year.

Cliff Keheley
Director of Housing and Community Services
City of Mesquite, Texas

First of all, let me just say thank you to all of your staff and to you personally for making the Real. Texas. Festival. the event that it is.

You guys are pros and I really appreciate the hard work, sleep deprivation and effort you all put into each and every event you produce.

We hope to have Promoter Line with us every step of the way. Not only are y'all great event producers, but I also consider you all good friends.

Daren Watkins
Economic Development/Special Events Coordinator
City of Mesquite, Texas

The event was awesome and this is being echoed by all our clients. We have been receiving a number of "Great Event!!" comments from all over and this is truly a clear indication on you and your team's ability to produce one hell of an event.

I am very excited to have you as a strategic partner. Your ability to identify and overcome obstacles was very impressive, as well as dealing with the adversity of our internal processes. My teammates and I would like to thank you for a great event weekend. We look forward to partnering up again in future events and making Chevy Thunder bigger and better. 

Tory Castillo 
Experiential Marketing Specialist

“Jerry Thompson is a master of organization and event management. His personal attention to detail always makes things go smoothly, and his efficient, good-natured approach makes him a pleasure to work with.”

Edward P. Bass
Bass Performance Hall

"Jerry Thompson and his staff at Promoter Line are some of the most creative and dedicated people with whom I have had an opportunity to work. They were able to take three of our existing events and take them to a new level of excellence. I truely believe that Promoter Line will be able to improve and expand our events every year and help us reach our goal of making Old Town Lewisville a visitor destination!"

Donna Barron 
Assistant City Manager for Administrative Services 
City of Lewisville, Texas

Dear Jerry:

Wow! What and experience! After all the months of work I am still amazed at how fast everything happens on "event day" and then it's over! I couldn't let any more time pass to let you know what a pleasure it was working with you and your staff on the March 14, Ride Around the World event. The professionalism of Promoter Line, Inc. certainly took the Eisenhower Medical Center events to a whole new level. Our guests are still raving about the event and are challenging us to "top this one."

Sarah G. Clapp
Special Services Director
Eisenhower Medical Center
Rancho Mirage, California

Ride Around the World event with Brooks & Dunn
March 14, 2007 Cathedral City, California

At Sundance Square our events are an important component of our success and all of the events that Promoter Line produces for us are wonderful.. Jerry Thompson and his staff pay such great attention to detail I don't worry. And they put such energy into our concerts and events and we are always successful.

Tracy Gilmour
Director of Marketing
Sundance Square
Fort Worth, Texas

I have worked with and for Jerry and Promoter Line, Inc. for the last 10 years in many capacities. I have been the tour manager and front-of-house engineer for Kirk Whalum for 16 years and also work with many other artists in the contempary jazz industry. I have done many shows for Jerry at The Caravan of Dreams, Main Street Arts Festival and Bass Performance Hall. I have always looked forward to working with Jerry's companies because I know the job will get done very professionally and correct. There is never any second guessing, or for that fact, any guessing at all what the mission is to be accomplished. I have been in the business for almost 30 years, and I can count on one hand the number of promoters and production companies that are as competent and professional as Jerry Thompson and Promoter Line.

John "Mac" McDonnell
Tour Manager
Kirk Whalum

Jerry Thompson is one of the best promoters I have ever worked with. Due to his vision and since he always thinks outside the box, he has helped several of my artists achieve success in markets that had been dropping off in attendance. If you are looking for an independent promoter that always goes the extra mile, I highly recommend Jerry Thompson.

Brad Goodman
William Morris Agency
Hollywood, California

“Whether it’s an intimate club show, or a festival for tens-of-thousands, Promoter Line delivers. From planning, production, security, ticketing…whatever the date calls for, Jerry Thompson and his crew are exceptional to work with. The Promoter Line Group can deal with whatever comes their way, and they set the standard for quality in every aspect of the production. I can’t think of any company better to work with.”

Andy Lockridge
Hispanic Broadcasting Network

“Having Jerry Thompson and Promoter Line Inc. involved with your event takes out all the worry. You know you are in the hands of an outstanding professional team that will do whatever necessary to make your event a success. Up front Jerry and his team ask all the right questions, really make you think and really make sure you have all your bases covered. I couldn't’t recommend them highly enough!”

Pat Riley
Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Museum
Fort Worth, Texas

"If you want an incredible event for the consumer, client and artist that's on budget, Jerry and PL are the best in in the Southwest. There's Promoter Line...then there's everybody else. As we say in Texas...if you ain't the lead dog...the view never changes. Jerry's the lead dog." 

Cameron Smith
Executive Producer
Smooth Jazz Television

“Jerry Thompson and Promoter Line were integral in the success of each of the Fort Worth "Texas Uprising" shows Robert Earl Keen has played. He and his staff are professional, courteous and forthright.”

Brian Hill

“Over the past 30 years in the media business I have worked with many people and companies all over the country on a variety of events, promotions and productions. Jerry Thompson is in a class all by himself. There is no detail that escapes him from working in the studio to taking the “act” or product out to the public. He is the consummate professional and he accomplishes so much while making it look so easy. There is no task he cannot do and do well.”

Richard L. Connor
Chairman of Texas Community Newspapers
Publisher – Fort Worth Business Press
Former Executive – ABC and Disney

“Having worked with Jerry Thompson for nine years, I can personally attest that he is a showman of the first order. Whether it is booking, production, or promotion, Jerry’s well-seasoned talents guarantee a quality result. Through the innumerable performances on which we have collaborated, he has always given his best.”

Paul S. Beard
Managing Director
Performing Arts Fort Worth
Aka Bass Performance Hall

“Jerry has always been a true professional. He always takes care of the artist, and pays attention to all the details”

Ken Dicamillo
William Morris Agency

“Jerry Thompson always enters the relationship with a ‘partner’ attitude knowing that if we are successful, then he will be. He will not sell anything that will not work as he believes in his own reputation”

NJ White
Destination Hotels

“Coordinating event staff security at numerous venues and for several professional teams in the area, I get to meet, interact and work with a lot of different companies. Jerry Thompson and the entire staff at Promoter Line are ‘Top Shelf’ among the professionals in this business. I always look forward to participating in any event put together by Promoter Line”

Dallas Blalock
Event Staff Manager

“Jerry Thompson has a quiet handle on our concert promotions yet produces results that make a lot of noise. In our business, you’ve got to make some noise and have partners you can depend on. Of all of the promoters I’ve worked with, Jerry’s the silent assassin.”

Maxine Todd
Program Director
Smooth Jazz 107.5 the Oasis

“Jerry provides the client with a turn-key service, very organized, detailed and most of all customer oriented.”

Kelly Jordan
Sales Manager
Fort Worth Zoo

“I’ve worked with Jerry Thompson with Promoter Line, Inc. on several occasions to coordinate various types of special events involving utilizing the City’s right-of-way. This experience has been very pleasant and professional, as Mr. Thompson has complied with all of the City’s requirements in a timely manner. Mr. Thompson has promoted very successful events and we look forward to working with him in the near future.”

Cynthia Alexander
Special Events Coordinator
TPW / Street Management Section
City of Fort Worth, Texas

"Whether the occasion is a grand opening for a major cultural attraction, a live concert in a 2000-plus seat performance hall, or an extravagant birthday party, Jerry Thompson is always prepared for any eventuality. Unfailing in his responsibilities, he is also technically proficient and extremely good-natured; a rare find indeed.”

Terrell Lamb